About Us

Hi Freinds, As you know after school or college life most of us are naturaly search for a job or do some course for his/her career. But Out of 100 , only 20% people get the jobs on time, rest of them were still continues to search the same. Under this period we do lots of other different types of courses. Out of all these courses only one or two is helpfull for getting our job. But that job is not the job we dreamed in the first course which we did. We want to do that dreamed job didn't get the opportunity to do or get the same.  

ManWin is a group of these types of peoples who have dreamed a carreer in software development. But didn't get the opportunity to prove themself. For the time being we did jobs in different cooperate offices. We face all those poblems which a normal cooperate officer is presently facing. Being a co-operate employees we know the types of problems we faced. Some of the problems are as following :- Printing Address on lable one by one daily., Managing the Data of Couriers sent by you on daily basis, Creating Bills/Challans for the party, Sending messages via E-mail, or Telephone/SMS, Planning Days Shedule, Maintaining Salaries of emploees etc. On the first sight we think these very small problems but when we do it manually these problems become very big and time consuming problems.

On the basis of all these problems we develeoped a software named MANWIN which is designed for all those cooperate officers who face these types of problems. Not only this we can creat/develop any in-house software as per the consumer requirement.  

So, please give us an opportunity to prove ourself the best   and for developing a software which become a SHORTCUT TO YOUR ROUTIEN JOBS.